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Client Testimonials

“Customer service is key when looking for an insurance Agent. Two things happened this month where having Joelle as my agent paid off.#1 my insurance premium went up and she suggested I look around to make sure everything was on the up and up while I was doing that she managed to find some “inaccuracies” in my record and was able to get me a reduced rate. Awesome #2 purchased a new Motorcycle and to get the deal done I needed to get my insurance cards this was a Friday. …When I went to sign the papers on Saturday they had misplaced the insurance cards. I called Joelle and she went into the office on a Saturday TWICE to make sure they dealership received the cards. Can’t say enough about how she went above and beyond to help me out.”
— Joe Crimi

“Bill, Joelle, Vicky, everyone at C.N. Maranto are very professional and helpful with all aspects of my personal and commercial insurance needs. They make it so I do not need to worry about policies and compliance, and can just handle business as usual.”

— Frank Tripi

“Sandy is awesome, when I was trying to purchase the most perfect Porsche I had her running around with getting insurance cards etc. only for it to fall through long distance. After a couple of attempts I finally got the perfect car and had to have plates switched from one car to another and then back again in order to drive it home. Sandy kept her cool and never got upset with all this, worth her weight in gold. Not to mention on more than one occasion of needing to fax ins, cards to DMV for us. Can’t go wrong with customer service!”

— Doretha Hahn

“A $50 gas card and we get to do business with the most friendly and competent insurance broker? That’s a great deal!!I joined your group because I befriended Carl Jr several years back. He was honest and spoke sincerely about things, not even pertaining to insurance. He made a point of coming out to say hello when I would stop at the office…always a plus!After Carl left the group wondered how well the treatment would be. Remain the same or just another name and payment… voucher? Good things from you last even through and after transitions. I have never had a company go as far out in helping me and with a friendliness that will keep me coming back. Joelle is a real treat to work with whenever I call…matter of fact, anyone that answers the phone there has sounded very nice and professional and delivered the help I needed.
I don’t pass things to my family and friends without knowing that I can’t do any better than the best. This is why I suggested your group to my 4 kids and to my friends. They,too,have stayed with you because of your services.

Thank you!”

— William J Corbett

“Hi Joelle, I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with Travelers Insurance and how they handled my homeowner’s claim from the robbery that occurred at my home. They processed my claim without any hassles at all, which was such a relief after dealing with the stress of the robbery. I am so glad I made the switch to Travelers. Thank you so much for all your help!”

— Therese Horne

“I never imagined… that you would be able to cut my overall insurance expense by 17% annually. After getting over the shock I then had you review my mother-in-law’s insurance expense and again you were able to cut her overall insurance expense by 15% annually. As you know this past year my mother-in-law’s car was totaled in an accident. Your agency was fantastic to deal with in getting the claim processed and getting my mother-in-law into another car. I would, and have, highly recommend to any of my friends and colleagues that they give you a call to discuss their insurance needs with you.”

— Paul E.Steimle

“C.N. Maranto Agency, Inc. has been my insurance agency for over 20 years. Each and every renewal year I am impressed with the customer service and the initiative shown by its principals and employees. They have been known to call to inquire regarding updates and ways to save premium dollars on automobile and homeowners policies and have recently expanded to include a wide array of financial services.”

— Roseanne Moran

“For over twenty years, CN Maranto Agency has been protecting AND saving me, my family, and my business money on our insurance needs. They are always quick and responsive with advice, information, and assistance. On numerous occassions, CN Maranto has PROACTIVELY called me to tell me I needed to change a plan or provider in order to save money. Now talk about customer service – bar none!!!”

— Jon Brennan

“I wanted to let you know that I think your insurance agency is absolutely terrific! It is a big help when things are so timely and your customer service is outstanding. Clients have commented on how nice it is to get a quote the same day they make initial contact.”

— Marissa Sheron, Mortgage Loan Officer, Homestead Financial

“We started our business back in 2001, and at that time we were referred to CN Maranto Agency from a friend. Since that time, we could not be happier with the service they have provided to us. CN Maranto Agency is very conscientious about keeping us informed on what insurance changes and needs we should make. Our agent is always looking out for our best interests, and is always easy to get in contact with when we have questions or problems.”

— Diane M.DeSimone, Kodiak Builders, Inc.

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